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Submitted by admin on 21 December 2016
A Nigerian lady, Haruna Abigail Awadzi who graduated top of her class has attributed her academic feat to the grace of God, hard work, and determination to succeed against all odds. Awadzi from Arikpa, Nasarawa State emerged as the Best Graduating Student (BGS) in Pharmacy from the University of Jos. Speaking with n-Mirror after her oath-taking and induction as a Pharmacist, Awadzi said she had to deny herself of several social activities and concentrate on her studies coupled with the help of God to sustain this enviable educational attainment. The UNIJOS Best Graduand, however, noted that achieving the feat would have been impossible without the sacrificial support of her parents as well as the favorable disposition of her lecturers who are always willing to help their students
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Haruna Abigail Awadzi
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