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  • Study at Unijos
    We are a global education brand helping students and researchers to communicate
    through vision and imagination.
  • Molding Students and Researchers in both character and Learning
    through discipline and dedication.
  • Government Support
    University of Jos enjoy government supports
    through interventions and funding.
  • University of Jos
    We are a global education institution impacting society
    through teaching and learning.
Vice Chancellor
Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

To be a globally rated University providing an excellent educational experience with high impact on society.

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the University of Jos is to serve the people of Nigeria and humanity at large by:

  • Encouraging and promoting a culture of excellence and building an innovative University
  • Delivering an outstanding and inclusive student academic experience as well as promoting good character


VC Welcome Speech

Promote research and academic excellence

Why Choose Unijos ?

Great environment for academic excellence

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