Social Sciences

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Prof. A. C Abimiku
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The Faculty of Social Sciences

The faculty of Social Science of the University of Jos is one of the five faculties in the University sited at the university Permanent Site along side the faculty of arts. It is divided into 5 departments- Accounting , Political Science , Psychology , Sociology and Economics

In its current pursuit of the objectives of teaching, research and community service, the faculty has had to contend with the growing reduction in resources and material allocation . Having to depend solely on its overhead costs coming from the University, great limitations have been placed on her path to meaningful achievement of the above objectives and goals. Coupled with other external environmental factors that impact on the university system in the country, the faculty has suffered the most in terms of brain drain, which leaves it in short supply of senior academic staff. These realities inform the current strategic thinking of the faculty which emphasises the need for internal revenue and resource generation to avoid total dependence of the faculty on University and NUC overheads.