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Postgraduate Diploma (PG.D.) Pharmacy

Duration Time 12 Months
Level pgd


Pharmacy is a health profession which deals with the preparation, distribution, identification, storage, preservation, standardization, intended use and administration of drugs. The postgraduate diploma in Clinical Pharmacy provides advanced education in Clinical Pharmacy for registered pharmacists practising in various professional environments such as the community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, public health pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry.


The postgraduate diploma in Clinical Pharmacy will provide an opportunity for pharmacy graduates with a CGPA below the second class lower grade to enrol into the Masters’ programme in clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practice.

Aim and Objectives

  1. To acquire the knowledge and skills needed to practice clinical pharmacycompetently.
  2. To equip students with the competence needed to design, implement, monitor and evaluate treatment plans for individual patients.
  3. To enable students acquire knowledge of drug utilization in large populations.

Mode of Study

The PGD programme will be studied on both full time and part-time basis. It will run for one academic session made up of two (2) semesters for full time students. Part time students will be expected to take the programme during two contact periods of not less than eight weeks each.

Admission Requirements

The requirements for admission as stated in the Postgraduate prospectus shall apply. Candidates must possess a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree or any other degree such as PharmD from a recognized University, not below CGPA of 2.0.

Course Requirements

To qualify for PGD in Clinical Pharmacy, the student must earn a minimum of 20 credit units as stated in the University of Jos Postgraduate School prospectus. This load will include a research project and all the compulsory courses.