Center for Nomadic Education

Director's Fullnames
Prof. E. D. Ozoji

Our Vision 
To be an acclaimed Centre for cutting-edge research in Nomadic Education. 

Our Mission
The fundamental mission of CNE is to conduct research on nomads and nomadic education by: 
i. Facilitating best practices in research and building a globally competitive research Centre 

ii. Carrying out and networking research that impact positively on the life and education of Nomads 

iii. Disseminating research carried out by the Centre 

Core Values
The C N E is committed to researching and evaluating activities and programmes that impact on nomads. The underlisted values undergird its modus operandi:

1. Commitment to meet the targets and mandates of the NCNE eight -goals.

2. Commitment to aligning and be guided by the University strategic plan in carrying out its activities and research.

3. Adhering strictly to research integrity and ethics which goal is to engender excellence in research. This means that research carried out / monitored by CNE is expected to comply with established rules of engagement globally.

4. Commitment to respect the religious diversity and social rights of nomads while carrying out research among them.

5. Commitment to pursue scholarly enquiry and development of new knowledge about nomads, their attitudes to education / learning and other characteristics surrounding their lives.

6. Commitment to make available to the University Centres at Sokoto, Maiduguri an Port-Harcourt the reports of its research, research agenda and priorities.

7. Commitment to work out and abide by its research management modus operandi in disseminating proposal writing, management of grants, research reports in workshops and the media. 

Our Function
Generate baseline data, conduct researches and experiments, carryout evaluation of nomadic educations. Specifically, conduct research into nomadic life styles including occupations, the women, economic activities, migratory patterns and their demographic distribution, relationships and attitudes to education, experimental educational methodologies and evaluate programs relating to nomads.