Registration Process

Step by Step Processes for the payment of Convocation Gown and Convocation Souvenirs


  1. Visit the UNIJOS convocation URL

  1. Select from the menus the option

Pay for Gown/ Souvenirs

The system will redirect you to the page

                “Convocation Gowns, Materials and Souvenirs’

  1. Select the Convocation Gown as appropriate and click

Add to cart

                The system adds the item to your cart

  1. The Cart will display the item(s) picked, Price and the quantity set at 1 (Default number). You may wish to add the number to a desired quantity and click

Add to cart’

A pop-up with labeled Good, ‘product has been added to cart successfully’ would be displayed. Click


                The system takes you to step 3 above.

  1. Repeat step 3 and 4 until you have selected all you needed Gown and Souvenirs). At Step 3 above, check the cart summary and click


                The system takes you to the Cart ‘Customer Detail; menu.

  1. Input full name, Customers address, Email and phone number in the space provided and click

Process Payment

                The system takes you to the remita payment biller

  1. At the remita biller page click


                The system allows you to select payment option

  1. Follow the REMITA payment procedure. At the end of a successful payment, the system displays list of items paid for and the pick-up points as shown below.


covocation payment


  1. To collect your convocation gown and materials, kindly go back to the university url:

Fill your payment details using the menu "Payment Verification"