Proposal Review


The STAMINA Seed Award Grant Review Committee is responsible for the objective selection of credible junior faculty in University of Jos and ABU Zaria who have an innovative research idea, are attempting to initiate a new research project, or want to gather some preliminary data that will be used for larger future applications. The Mentored Research programme is designed to boost faculty research and is aimed at giving support for the development of junior faculty research through provision of funds for two years.

The entire process begins through an advert notice which contains the window period for proposals to be submitted, the duration for the grant, the award amount and the criteria for participation.

Review Process

The proposals are reviewed using the NIH guidelines for grant application review. The review committee is made up of 8 members in Nigeria and US and the two review teams independently assess applications selected by the Co-Chairs. Sequel to the group review process, the Co-Chairs go through the selected candidates again

Review Criteria

Any proposal submitted must meet the following criteria before it can be considered to be reviewed. ·

  • The proposal should address a relevant problem or critical barrier to progress in the field.
  • The proposal should provide strong justification on how funding of the proposed project will enhance opportunities for conducting future research and/or acquiring other funding.
  • The concepts, approaches or methodologies, instrumentation or intervention in the proposal should be novel in one field of research or in a broad sense.
  • The overall strategy, methodology and analyses should be well-reasoned and appropriate to accomplish the specific aims of the projects
  • The proposal must take cognizance of human subjects issues 
  • The proposal must be feasible within the two-year time frame ·
  • The proposed budget must appear justifiable
  • The supplies and equipment needed to completely carry out the study should be sufficient



The Seed Grant Proposal Review Committee of the STAMINA project is made up of 8 persons, four in Nigeria and four in the US who carefully scrutinize the proposals submitted and develop a comprehensive list of junior faculty qualified to receive the award of seed grant to conduct research. The proposal committee members are as follows:


  • Prof. Godwin Imade (Co-Chair Review Committee) ·
  • Prof Adisa (Member) ·
  • Prof. Oche Agbaji (Member) ·
  • Prof . Bola Olayinka 


  •  Dr. Seema Meloni (Co-Chair Review Committee) 
  •  Dr. Jonah Musa (member)
  •  Dr. Chad Achenbach (member)
  •  Dr. Maxwell Akanbi (member)