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Senior Lecturer, College of Medicine, University of Jos. Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH), Jos Nigeria








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University of Jos, Nigeria


BM. BCh.


Medicine and Surgery






West African College of Surgeons


University of Leeds, Leeds United Kingdom









Public Health International





  1. Personal Statement

The goal of this research work is to increase the uptake of long-acting reversible contraceptives like the IUCDs and Contraceptive implants (Jadelle and Implanon) among parturients in the hospital before women are discharged. I have the expertise, leadership and motivation necessary to successfully carry out the proposed work. Together with Prof JT Mutihir I have been involved in trainings on different family planning methods for Society for Family Health, UNFPA and UNICEF. I have participated as one of the researchers for the International Centre for the advancement of reproductive health to advocate for safe and healthy sexual behavior among Corpers and secondary schools students in Jos from 2010 to 2014.

I have tried to improve my research capability in reproductive health and have received the WHO travelling grants to attend the Research Methods Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health; HIV and Gender-based Violence at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa in 2010 and also the University of Bergen, Norway to attend the Global Challenges in Reproductive Health. I was at the XXI World FIGO Congress in Vancouver, Canada to participate and monitor the emerging research trends in reproductive health especially the components of family planning.

Under the mentorship of Professor AS Sagay, I am involved in the Medical Education Partnership in Nigeria (MEPIN) in collaboration with JUTH and University of Jos. It is a program aimed at improving the skills of medical students and postgraduate residents by sending them to rural-based hospitals to familiarize them with the kind of disease conditions in those settings. The program encourages innovative thinking and teaches participants how to improvise and handle these conditions outside the four corners of an ivory-towered teaching hospital. Currently I coordinate the program for the teaching hospital and preliminary data have shown that the program has reduced perinatal mortality by nearly 50% in one of the rural hospital over the course of one year.

I have participated in several basic biomedical research courses organised by MEPIN: Data analysis and Manuscript writing, Case-based Teaching Method, Responsible Conduct of Research, Research Ethics and Grant Proposal Writing. I have also attended the recently organised basic biomedical research course organised by STAMINA in January, 2016.

Selected Peer-reviewed Publications

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2. Modify the study design and the specific objectives. There are many contradictory statements. An observational study with interventional component-Text messages?