Current Awareness Services (CAS)

Law Current Awareness

1 The Federalist Papers Madison, J. et al 1    
2 The Nigerian Legal Methods Malemi, E. 1    
3 Blond's Criminal Procedure: concise black letter law outline Blond, N, et al 1    
4 Legal Drafting and Conveyancing Imhanobe, S. O. 1    
5 In the Service of the Nation Okunnu, F. 2    
6 Justice William J. Brennan, JR: Freedom First Goldman, R. & Gallen, D. 2    
7 Practical Approach to Criminal Litigation in Nigeria (pre-trial & trial proceedings) Agaba J. A. 1    
8 The British Year Book of International Law 1990   1    
9 The Constitution and the New Deal White, G. E. 2    
10 Real Estate Law: Concepts and Applications Nelson, T. R. & Potter, T. A. 1  
11 Principles of Patent Law: cases and materials Chisum, D. S. et al 1    
12 Academie De Droit International   1    
13 Demystified version of the Nigerian Cyber Crimes Act, 2015 Orkar, D. S. 2    
14 Simplified Version of Benue State Child's Right Law, 2008 Orkar, D. S. 2    
15 Nigerian Laws on Taxation: Vol 5 Yakubu, N. (compiler) 51    
16 Nigerian Laws on Public Finance Vol IV Yakubu, N. (compiler) 59    
17 Imagining the Law Cantor, N. F. 1    
18 Equity and Trust in Nigeria Fabunmi, J. O. 1    
19 Evidence Act 2011: Synoptc Guide   2    
20 Guide on Sportsperson taxation in certain relevant Jurisdiction Romerio, F. P. 1    
21 Evidence Law: Theory and Practice in Nigeria Amupitan J.O. 2    
22 Military Law Terminologies Dambazau,  A. B. 1    
23 Heavy Justice: The State of Indiana V. Micheal Tyson Garrison, J. G.and Roberts, R.(SPs) 2    
24 Basic Rules of the Supreme Court Sturge, L. F. 1    
25 Constitutional Law in Nigeria Mowoe, K. M. 1    
26 The Privatization Challenge: A strategic, legal, and  institutional analysis of international experience Guislain, P. 1    
27 A Citizen's Approach to making a people's Constitution in Nigeria Igbuzor, O. and Ibrahim, J. (eds) 2    
28 Federalism in Nigeria under the Presidential Constitution Nwabueze, B. O. 1    
29 Law, Business, and Society McAdams T. et al 1    
30 Guerrila Tactics for getting the Legal Job of your Dreams  Walton, K. A. 2    
31 Reporting Impunity: giving voice to the voiceless Ighorodje,  V. & Bamidele, O. (eds) 3    
32 Sale and Supply of Goods  Furmston, M. 1    
33 Revenue Law and Practice in Nigeria Abdulrazad, M. T. 1    
34 The Encyclopedia: Americana International Edition Americana Corporation 2    
35 Sentencing and the Penal System: text and materials Harding, C. and Koffman, L. 1    
36 Family Law in Nigeria  Nwogugu, E. I. 1    
37 An accused Person's Rights in Nigerian Criminal Law Adesiyan, D. O. 1    
38 EEC Treaty and environmental Proctection Kramar, L. 1    
39 Nigerian Labour Law Amiola, A. 1    
40 Nigerian Labour Law Olakanmi, J. & Co 1    
41 Press Law in Nigeria Yakubu, A. 1    
42 National Security: intelligence and community appraoch Arase, S. E. 1    
43 The role of the Company Secretary in Corporate Management Danjuma, N. 1    
44 Police Force Handbook Olakanmi, J. 1    
45 Introduction to Jurisprudence: classical and islamic Ladan, M. T. 1    
46 A Cry for Justice Student Union OAU 1    
47 English Courts of Law Hanbury, H. G. & Yardley, D. C. M. 1    
48 The Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949: Commentary ICRC 1    
49 Criminal Code: Synoptic Guide, Cases and materials Olakanmi, J. & Co 1    
50 Criminal Procedure Law in Nigeria Alubo, A. O. 2    
51 Company Law and Practice in Nigeria Orojo J. O. 1    
52 Handbook of United States Law and Practices: political rights Bott, A. J.  1    
53 Companies and Allied Matters Act 2004 & Investments & Securities Act 2007 FRN 1    
54 Contempt of Court: Cases Olakanmi, J. & Co 1    
55 Criminal Code: EFCC with cases and materials LFN 1    
56 Laws, cases and materials on Torts in Nigeria Targema, J. I. 5    
57 Financial Institutions: handbook Olakanmi, J. & Co 1    
58 Commercial Arbitration Law and Practice in Nigeria Idornigie, P. O. 18    
59 Law and the Administration of the Nigerian Educational System Oni, J. O. 3    
60 Outline of Administrative Law and Practice in Nigeria Danladi K. M. 2    
61 The Thought of John Austin Rumble, W. E.  1    
62 Contract Law Chen-Wishart, M. 1    
63 International Handbook of Human Rights Donnelly, J & Howard, R.  E.(eds) 1    
64 Mason & McCall Smith's Law and Medical Ehhics Mason, J. K. & Laurie, G. T.  3    
65 Coudert Brothers: A Legacy in Law: the history of America's first International Law Firm-1853-1993 Veenswijk, V. K.  1    
66 The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law Gooldstein, N. (ed) 1    
67 Deepening the Culture of Constitutionalism: regional institutions& Constitutional development in Afria Fayemi, K. et al. (eds) 2    
68 Practical Approach to Criminal Litigation in Nigeria Agaba, J. A.      
69 Drafting Conveyances and Wills Adubi, C. O. 1    
70 Questions and Answers on Real Estate Cliff, E. N. J. 1    
71 Constitutional Law and Politics: Vol 2  O'Brien, D. M. 1    
72 A Collossus in the Legal Firmament: Essays in honour of Agbakoba, Olisa  Okoh, A. et al.(Eds) 2    
73 Refugee Rights in Iran Ebadi, Shirin 1    
74 Administration of Juvenile Justice: the example of the Borstal Trainning Institution Okoye, F. 1    
75 Legal Tactics & Antics: advocacy for beginners Aorabee, T. O.  7    
76 A Guide to Admissibility of Electronic Evidence Omolaye-Ajileye, A. 20    
77 Sagay: Nigerian Law of Contract Sagay, I. E. 1    
78 Nigerian Cinstitution Simplified Ikogho, O. P. 1    
79 Nigerian Banking Law Reports NDIC 1    
80 Nigerian Banking Law Reports NDIC 1    
81 War without End in Nigeria: landmines, bombs & explosive reminant of war( the law, treaty, convention, practice and procedure in ECOWAS Court) Chukwukadibia, N. A. 1    
82 Nigerian Insurance Law Adeyemi, F.      
83 Blond's Contracts Blond, N. C. & Petrillo, L. 1    
84 Palmer's Company Precedents Mackinon, K. W. & Buchanan-Dunlop, R. 1    
85 Administrative Law in Nigeria Ujo, A. A. 1    
86 Conflict of Laws: cases and materials Cheatham, E. E. et al. 1    
87 L'Humanite Face a la Mondialisation L' Harmattan (ed) 1    
88 Managing our Urban Environment: cases, text and problems Mandelker, D. R. 1    
89 Making our Democracy Work; A judge's view Breyer, S. 1    
90 Environmental Law in Africa Erinosho, B. T. 1    
91 Marbury V. Madison; The Origins and Legacy  of Judicial Review Nelson,W. E. 1    
92 The National Question and  Corruption Nwabueze, B. 1    
93 Th Constitution and the Conduct of Foreign Policy Wilcox, F. O. (ed) 1    
94 Charting Global Responsibities; Legal Philosophy and Human Rights Jackson, K. T. 1    
95 High Court of Lagos State Civil  Procedure Law   1    
96 The Constitution of the Federal Rebublic of Nigeria 1979   1    
97 Administration of Islamic Criminal Law Under the Nigerian Constitutional Democracy Ahmad  N. A. 1    
98 1910, The Law Reports    1    
99 An accused Person's Rights in Nigerian Criminal Law    
100 Manual of Law Labrarianship  Moys, E. M. (ed.)  1    
101 Contracts: Handbook series Simpson L. P. 1    
102 Ethiope Law Series Elias,T.O. editor 1    
103 Blonds Civil Procedure Blond, N. C. & Petrillo, L. 1    
104 The Law and Order Questions in Nigeria Olurode, L. 1    
105 Rayden's Law and Practice in Divorce and Family Matters Jackson, J. 4    
106 An introduction to Human Rights Law in Nigeria Nnamdi ,Aduba J. 3    
107 Comparative Perspective on Shariah in Nigeria Philip Ostein(ed.) 1    
108 Courts' System in Nigeria- A Guide (1992) Fawehinmi, Gani 1    
109 How Nigerians Celebrated Gani Fawehinmi at 70 [vol.2] Olanrewaju, A. et al 2    
110 Guide to Human Rights  Litigation in Nigeria Nwankwo, C. 1    
111 Supreme Court Rules (as Amended in 199990)   1    
112 Nigerian Law of Libel and the Press Fawehinmi, Gani 1    
113 The Fantasy of Human Rights Obiora I. 1    
114 Human Rights in Retreat Gahia, C. 1    
115 State of Human Rights in Nigeria Odion, A. S. 1    
116 Key Issues in Nigerian Costitutional Law Nnamdi, A. J. 1    
117 An Introduction to Human Rights Law in Nigeria Nnamdi, A. J. 1    
118 Intellectual Prperty Law Text, Cases, and Materials Aplin, T. 1    
119 Intellectual Property Law  Torrenmans, P. 1    
120 Contemporary Intellectual Property Law and Policy  Macqueen, H. 1    
121 Abdulahi Ibrahim:a Life Shared Akinseye-George, Y. 7    
122 Nigerian Maritime Cabotage Policy and Law: The Case & Advocacy Igbokwe, M. 15    
123 Politics and Law Making in Ngeria Umaru, A. 2    
124 Bench and Bar in Nigeria Fawehinmi, G. 1    
125 Nigerian Law of the Press Under the Constitutional and the Criminal Law Fawehinmi, G. 1    
126 Criminal Law Reports of Nigeria Fawehinmi, G. 1    
127 The Lies and Lies of Dr.Olu Onagoruwa Fawehinmi, G. 2    
128 Christians:Why we reject Muslim Law Boer,J.H 1    
129 The Bar & and the Bench in defence of Rule of Law in Nigeria Olanrewaju, A. etal 1    
130 Nigerian Constitutional Law Reports Fawehinmi, G. 1    
131 Justice Eso Supreme Court Years 1978-1990 Olanrewaju, A. etal 1    
132 Fawehinmism:challenges of Legislation in Governance & the War against Corruption Fawehinmi, G. 1    
133 Intellectual Property Law: Concept to Commercialisation  Ryder, R. D. 6    
134 Law and Language  Bhatnagar, R.P. 5    
135 Law and Practice Relating to Banking   5    
136 Anti-Money Laundering: International Law and Practice   Muller, W. H (Ed.) 2    
137 Electricity Law, Policy and Reform Implementation in Nigeria Ladan, M. T. 1    
138 Sharia Penal and Family Laws in Nigeria and in the Muslim World: Rights Based Approach  Ibrahim, J. 1    

Management Sciences Current Awareness

1 Textbook of Strategic Management  10  
2 Consolidated Financial Statements  10  
3 Fundamentals of International Banking 5  
4 Accounting and Finance for Bankers 2  
5 Management Accounting Concepts and Applications 5  
6 Marketing of Banking Services Callb Exam 5  
7 An Introduction to Property Valuation   (2nd ed.) 1  
8 Research for Marketing Decisions   1  
9 Tulsian’s Financial Management    1  
10 The Management of Business Logistics: a supply chain perspective (7th ed.) 1  
11 Principles of Banking 10  
12 International Encyclopedia of Business and Management  (vol. 1-8) 8  
13 Management Accounting: a strategic approach 1  
14 Management: a global and entrepreneurial perspective 1  
15 Tulsian’s cost Accounting  1  
16 Formal Organization: a comparative approach 1  
17 Financial  Management 5  
18 International Financial Management  5  
19 Lease Financing in Nigeria  5  
20 Effective Human Relations  5  
21 Understanding Organizations 1  
22 General Bank Management   10  
23 An Introduction to Documentary Credits 10  
24 International Business 5  

Pharmaceutical Sciences Current Awareness

1 Pharmacology for Nurses  Braide, Victor    
2 Data and safety Monitoring committee in trials  Herson, Jay    
3 Encyclopedia of Biospharmaceutical       

Veterinary Medicine Current Awareness

1 The Biologic and clinical basics of infectious diseases  Guy P. Yalmans    
2 Fundamentals of diseases and insect control       
3 The horse: a complete encyclopedia  Angela Rippon    
4 Clinical Anatomy and Physiology for veterinary technicians  Thomas Colville and Joanna M. Bassert.    
5 Guide to regional ruminant anatomy based on the dissection of the goat  Gheoghe M. Constantinesan      
6 Marketing Practices of Diary Units  Bhooma, Prasmeswara Rwddy.    
7 Diary Chemistry and animal Nutritionn  Umesh Kamar