Department of Political Science

Dr. Amayah Filicus Adakai
Head of Department


The Department of Political Science at the University of Jos is among the second generation Departments of Political Science in Nigerian Universities. We are a growing department and proud of our strength in research and our national reputation! The department was the cutting edge of development of the field of political science in Nigeria and has been a pioneer in the development of social scientific understandings of politics. The Department of Political Science has maintained the unabashed intellectualism, the regard for disciplinary and sub-disciplinary boundaries, the commitment to diversity of approach and method, and the pure appreciation of fine scholarship: learning, testing, critiquing, disputing, convincing, persuading, dissuading, explaining, and researching. The distinguishing features of the Department are well known in Nigeria when it comes to research, teaching, and the intensity of intellectual life. That is why we believe the Department of Political Science at the University of Jos is one of the most interesting, lively, cutting-edge places to study, research, and teach political science. The Department offers programmes for both Masters and Doctoral degrees in addition to the undergraduate programme. The Department is organized into three major sub-fields: Political Economy and Development Studies (PEDS), International Relations and Strategic Studies (IRSS), Public Administration. The Department offers a Bachelor of Science Degree• in Political Science, Master of Science Degree in Political Economy and Development Studies (PEDS), Master of Science Degree in International Relations and Strategic Studies (IRSS), Master Public Administration (MPA). Our doctoral programme is designed for those interested in careers in academia or research. Each year we invite a select group of students to join our doctoral programme. The Doctor of Philosophy degree is the highest conferred by the Department of Political Science. The Ph.D. is a research degree that is never awarded solely as the result of any prescribed period or program of study, no matter how faithfully followed. The degree is granted only when students show general proficiency, distinctive attainment in the field of Political Science and, particularly, the ability for independent investigation as demonstrated in a dissertation presenting original research.


The B.Sc. Political Science programme is designed for political science undergraduate majors. It applies to candidates who register with the Department of Political Science, University of Jos for: i. The four year degree programme to which entry is obtained through the United Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME): and ii. The three year programme to which entry is secured on the Direct Entry basis. In addition, the programme offers courses which may be taken as electives by students from other academic Departments of the University.


It is the responsibility of the Department of Political Science, University of Jos, to produce graduates, who are sufficiently equipped with the skills of Political 'Science to assist in the solution of societal problems within the context of a developing state like Nigeria. Specifically, the objectives of the programme are to: i. develop and improve students’ understanding of the social and political problems of the Nigerian society. ii. develop the student’s critical judgment, his ability to observe, understand, analyze, and synthesize data on societal problems using political science methods and techniques which will enable him/her contribute to the national objectives; iii. provide an appropriate environment that enables students to raise their level of creativity and promote the spirit of self-reliance; iv. create an atmosphere for desirable behavioural changes which would help the student to develop values that are in consonance with the national objectives such as hard work, probity, commitment, patriotism, and discipline; and v. enable students pursue advanced degrees within the discipline for the purpose of among others teaching and research. vi. develop and nurture relevant manpower for the development needs of Nigeria, developing countries and the world at large.


i. Applicants for admission into the four - year degree programme should possess the Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCE), General Certificate of Education (GCE) or their equivalents with Credit in five subjects including English Language, History or Government and a Pass in Mathematics. In addition, applicants must obtain an acceptable Pass in the United Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). ii. Direct Entry applicants for the three - year programme in Political Science should possess five Credit passes in GCE, SSCE or equivalent examination, at least two of which shall be at the Advanced level, or four credit passes, at least three of which shall be at the Advanced Level, provided that subjects are not counted at both levels of the examination. Credit passes at the Ordinary Level must include English the minimum of a Pass in Mathematics.


i. All students are required to take and pass courses from three categories: Core (Compulsory), Elective and Optional. A core course must be taken and passed by all students before they can be awarded a degree. ii. Elective courses consist of a wide range of course from which students must select a given number, which they must pass before they can be awarded a degree. The electives, are outside the Compulsory/Required subject areas and could be from within or outside the Department and from within or outside the Faculty of Social Sciences. iii. An Optional course may be taken by a student. This, however, depends on the interest of the student. iv. A Unit of Course is defined as One Contact.