Department of Mathematics


 The Department of Mathematics at the University of Jos started as an offshoot of the parent Department of Mathematics at the University of Ibadan in 1974.  At that time, there was a Jos Campus of the University of Ibadan.  This campus eventually became the University of Jos.  At commencement, Lecturers in the Department at Jos came on secondment, for short periods, from the University of Ibadan, in visiting capacities; but by October 1974, a few Mathematicians including Dr. G.M. Habibullah, were sent to Jos as permanent staff of the Jos campus of the University of Ibadan.

During the 1975/76 session, Prof. S.A. Messiha was appointed as a Coordinator of the young Department.  By 1980/81 session, the Department had a respectable component of staff including the following lecturers:- Prof. E.N. Chukwu, Dr. I. Baranowicz, Mr. E.Y. Ametewee, Dr. G.M. Habibullah, Dr. K.K. Kumar, Dr. L.S.O. Liverpool, Dr. T. Stys, Dr. (Mrs.) K. Stys, Dr. S.K. Gupta, Dr. J. Wilkowski, Dr. P. Smoczinsky, Mr. J.A. Uvah, Mrs. M.I. Sen, Dr. S. N. Enurah, Mr. C. Ukwu and Mr. R.H. Tachia.  Professor Chukwu was the first Nigerian Head of Department and Mr. Frank was the Departmental Secretary.


The Mathematics undergraduate programme started in the 1976/77 session and the postgraduate programme two years later, in the 1978/79 session.  Prof E.N. Chukwu left the Department at the end of 1980/81 session and was succeeded by Dr. G.M. Habibullah and later by Dr. T. Stys.  Thereafter, Professor L.S.O. Liverpool, Dr. K. Kumar, Professor M.S. Audu, Professor P. Onumanyi, Professor S.U. Momoh, Professor U.W. Sirisena, Dr S.E. Adewumi and Professor J.P. Chollom served as the Heads of Department. The current Head of Department is Dr J.N. Ndam.


The Department currently has twenty-eight (28) academic staff including seven at professorial level.  Only six academic staff members are females which include one-time Head of the Department – Professor U.W. Sirisena.  The Department has a vibrant research agenda.  Research activities are mainly in the areas of Algebra, Complex Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Biomathematics/Mathematical modelling, Control Theory and Statistics.


Currently, the Department offers undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Statistics.  Postgraduate degrees are offered at the masters and doctoral levels in Mathematics only.  The Department in addition, offers Mathematical Sciences courses to students reading for the Mathematics education degree in the Faculty of Education.  Ancillary courses in Mathematics are available for students in eight of the twelve Faculties of the University, namely: Agriculture, Education, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Medical Sciences, Natural Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Veterinary Medicine.

In 2001/2002 session, two new undergraduate programmes were introduced in the Department in Computer Science and Statistics, in addition to the existing Mathematics programme. At the moment, postgraduate programmes are offered at the Master’s and doctoral levels in Mathematics only. The Department in addition, has an approved Postgraduate Diploma programme in Statistics.


Staff members of the department have played key roles in the University of Jos and in the Nigerian University System.  Professor E. N. Chukwu, the first Nigerian Head of Department was appointed the First Vice Chancellor of the University of Technology, Yola in 1980.  Professor E.N. Chukwu was also the foundation Dean of the School of Postgraduate Studies of the University.  He now lives in the United States of America. 

Dr G.M. Habibullah who took over from Professor Chukwu as the Head of Department was appointed the Vice Chancellor at the University of Education, Lahore, Pakistan in 2007.

Professor L.S.O. Liverpool served as Director of Academic Planning, University ICT Coordinator and played a key role in the development of the first strategic plan of the University.  He rendered services to the Jos Carnegie Partnership, the National Universities Commission, the National Teachers Institute and the ICT forum of Partnership Institutions. Professor P. Onumanyi was Dean, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), University of Jos and President Mathematical Association of Nigeria before he left the services of the University to the position of Deputy Director at the National Mathematical Centre, Abuja. Professor M.S. Audu served as the Director of Academic Planning and was the Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences before he was appointed Vice Chancellor of the Federal University of Technology, Minna in 2007.


Head of Department: J. N. Ndam PhD.