Vision and Mission Statements

Vision Statement

To be rated among the best faculties of education in Nigeria. 


Mission Statement

The Faculty of Education normally offers a four-year full-time programme leading to the Bachelor of Arts, Science and Special Education degrees. The objectives for these degree programmes are derived from the National Policy on Education namely:
* to produce highly motivated, conscientious research-oriented and efficient classroom teachers,
* to encourage the spirit of inquiry and creativity in teachers,
* to help teachers fit into the social life of the community and society at large and to enhance their commitment to national objectives,
* to prepare teachers with the intellectual and professional background adequate for their assignments and to make them adaptable to changing situations,
* to enhance teachers commitment to the teaching profession.
In more specific terms therefore, first degree education graduates are trained to:
* acquire sound knowledge of the subjects they will be expected to teach in schools in order to make a meaningful contribution to the education of the children.
* acquire skills for teaching effectively and efficiently the subjects in which they are specialised especially at post-primary level.
* understand the concept of teaching as applied to the classroom.
* acquire an understanding of the philosophical, sociological, psychological, historical and economic bases of education and the factors that influence education.
* show awareness of the national philosophy of education, and implement school programmes to achieve prescribed objectives.
* acquire the necessary skills and abilities for performing the varied functions of the teacher.