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In consonant with the aims of higher education and the faculty’s mission statement, the faculty is actively involved in teaching to produce high calibre teachers for the Nation. Thus, the faculty is involved in preparing teachers in various programmes in Arts & Social Sciences Education, Science and Technology Education and Special Education at the diploma, undergraduate and post-graduate levels. In addition to the first degree full time programmes, the faculty is appropriately responding to its community needs via services to government sponsored part-time programmes. From its humble beginnings, training for government parastatals, non-government organisation started in the 1970s as a Plateau State Project and has assumed national dimension by 1986. It has since continued to grow from strength to strength, as a viable tool for producing the much needed professional teachers for improving and sustaining the quality of education in the nation’s schools. Individually and as a faculty, staff have embarked upon several research efforts focused on the educational problems of the immediate locality as well as that of the entire nation. The staff of the faculty is of high calibre and of excellent national and international standing. The presence of such staff confirms the preparedness of the faculty to carry out its mission statement. With this pool of human resources, the faculty is prepared for even greater challenges.