The Farm


The farm is a unit that will serve in acquainting students of the Faculty of Agriculture with necessary practical knowledge of farming. It covers the areas of agriculture which deals with the production of a wide range of crops and livestock, otherwise known to the farmer as farm animals.

Students will however be expected to learn to identify some exotic and locally grown crops and livestock in Nigeria. They will be educated on the following practically aspects:

i. Environmental and climatic requirements;

ii. Ideal or cultural management practices;

iii. The cultural and economic uses of crops and farm animals, their products, bye products and significance.

The farm will also service students undertaking intellectual research activities for undergraduate and post graduate studies in all fields of agriculture.

Students will be exposed to the use of farm records and application of economic principles to cost minimization and production optimization for better farm enterprise management.

Above all, students should be able to know the following:

  1. Foods that come from plants and food that come from animals
  2. How different fruits and vegetables grow
  3. How people process crops to make new food
  4. The tools farmers use
  5. The role of the farmer

Finally, students should know the role of agriculture in job creation, aside from creating job for the farmer e.g. truck drivers, marketers, farm administrators etc.

Also, the importance of Agriculture in foreign exchange earnings, provision of raw materials for industrial uses etc.


Mr. Isaac Izang

Ag. Farm Manager