Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension

The Department of Agricultural Economics & Extension was established in 2014 under the leadership of Professor P.S. Amaza as the Pioneer Head of Department,  along with other Departments in the newly established Faculty of Agriculture. The Department comprises of two disciplines: Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Extension. The primary objectives of the Department is to equip students at the undergraduate level with sound knowledge of the following:

i. Fundamental Principles of economic theory and its application to Agricultural sector;

ii. Fundamental principles involved in Agricultural Extension, methods and process of enlightening and dissemination of agricultural technologies.

The Department key into the Vision of the University and the Faculty by striving to become a Centre of Excellence for training and research in Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Extension, with capacity for research for development and consultancy in: Improving agricultural productivity, food security studies, livelihoods improvement, poverty studies, baseline studies, adoption of agricultural technologies, impact assessment, evaluation of agricultural projects/programs, agricultural marketing and so on.

The Department key into the Vision of the University and the Faculty by working towards production of graduates in Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Extension that are equipped with comprehensive theoritical knowledge and practical skills for productive and economic agricultural activities in both private and public sector of the economy; such as: Farm Management, Agricultural Marketing, Monitoring and Evaluation of Agricultural projects/programs, Agricultural Extension, Programme Planning and Management, Community Development, Credit Officers, Investment Officers, Agricultural Research, and so on.

Professor BAWA, Dauda Bitrus

Head of Department