Welcome to Faculty of Agriculture

The Faculty of Agriculture shall run courses in Agriculture such that graduates of the faculty shall be knowledgeable in the main areas of Agricultural Economics and Extension as well as Crop and Animal Production.  In addition graduates shall have sufficient knowledge in Forestry, Fisheries, Aquaculture, Wildlife and Irrigation as to be useful in promoting their development.

When fully developed there shall be 10 Departments as follows:

  1. Crop and Soil Science
  2. Crop and Environmental Protection
  3. Plant Breeding and Seed Technology
  4. Animal Production and Nutrition
  5. Animal Breeding, Physiology and Biotechnology
  6. Agricultural Economics and Management
  7. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
  8. Forestry and Wild Life Management
  9. Fisheries and Aquaculture
  10. Horticulture and Irrigation Agronomy (with a strong Dry Season Farming Unit)

At inception however, there shall be three Departments namely; Crop Production, Animal Production and, Agricultural Economics and Extension with gradual expansion to ten.

The Faculty shall be temporarily located at the Bauchi road Campus.  However, the permanent site shall be north of the existing Naraguta Campus of the University (across the main irrigation valley) close enough to servicing Faculties and Departments such as Sciences, Engineering, Veterinary Medicine and Economics.


Dean: Prof. Nuhu A. Gworgwor