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This prospectus provides a summary of academic programms of the University of Jos.
It also contains the philosophy, objectives, admssion requirements, examination regulations and punishment for examination misconduct. This is the latest in a series put together to reflect the commitment of the University to academic excellence and continued relevance in the process of nation-building.
The University as an academic institutio, has an important role to play in meeting the manpower development and research needs of the nation. Our programmes are designed to address the rapid technological and attitudinal changes of our time. In the last decade, for example, the nature of domestic and international interaction has been revolutionized by great advances in sholar and his students to obtain the most recent research findings through e-mail, fax and the internet.
The academic world, as it were, has been reduced to a classroom. This prospectus, painstakingly put together by dedicated and hardworking academic and administrative staff of this University, has taker these advances into consideration. It is a mark of progress and development. It is therefore, my privilege an d honour to recommend this prospectus to all members of staff, students, and prospectus to all members of staff, students, and prospective students.

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