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The University of Jos from inception recognized the importance of research in advancing and sustaining teaching and learning. Consequently, it has since then placed research among its topmost development priorities, even in the current situation of diminishing funds for research.
The role research plays in the University is evident from the institutional Faculty research grants committees, instituted as early as the commencement of academic activities in the University several years ago. The Chairpersons of these committees represent their respective Faculty in the Senate Research Grants Committee (subsequently renamed Central Research Grants Committee), the organ which before now has been responsible for reviewing resaech grant applications submitted from the Faculties, selecting and making awards to qualified applicants.
As an institution, the University has done well generally, in the funding of research from grants provided by the Federal Government for this purpose. The number of publications emanating from funded researches over the years has been quite large. This is, however, not surprising as publications rank highest among the criteria for assessment of the academic and subsequent elevation within the various professional ranks. However, many of the publications, supposedly in peer-reviewed journals, lack open access locally and internationally. Yet the visibility of these publications is indispensable in projecting the research profile of the University.

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